Saturday, 9 October 2010

History of the periodic table - As much as an A level student needs to know.

• Aristotle: Theory of four elements, Fire, Water, Earth and Air. 330 BC

• Antoine Lavoisier: Wrote the first extensive list of elements containing 33 elements.

• Distinguished between metals and non-metals. 1770 - 1789

• Jons Berzelius: Developed a table of atomic weights. Introduced letters to symbolize elements. 1828

• Johann Dobereiner: Developed "Triads". Groups of 3 elements with similar properties. 1829

• John Newlands: Arranged the known elements in order of atomic weight, and proposed the Law of Octaves. 1864

• Lothar Meyer: Compiled a periodic table of 56 elements based on the periodictivity of properties such as molar volume, then arranged in order of atomic weight. 1869

• Demitri Mendeleev: Produced a table based on atomic weights, but arranged periodically with elements with similar properties under each other, and left gaps for elements not yet discovered. 1869

• William Ramsay: Discovered the Noble Gases. 1894

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